Fachgebiet Beschaffung, Logistik und Informationsmanagement

- Standards and E-Solutions for Procurement und Public Services

Lehrstuhl für Beschaffung, Logistik und Informationsmanagement

Das Fachgebiet beteiligt sich an der Ausbildung des Studiengangs der Wirtschaftsinformatik. Auf dem Spezialgebiet "Beschaffung, Logistik und Informationsmanagement" arbeiten Professor Dorloff und sein Team an Konzepten und Lösungen für die Gestaltung zwischenbetrieblicher Informationssysteme, insbesondere B2B E-Commerce-Anwendungen wie E-Procurement-Systeme und Elektronische Marktplätze. Schwerpunkte sind die Standardisierung von Geschäftsdaten und Transaktionen, die Entwicklung XML-basierter Datenaustauschformate sowie das Management von Katalogdaten.

- Standardisierung von E-Commerce und Public Services
- E-Procurement und Logistik
- E-Government


BLI focusses on standardization of e-Business data, -processes and -transactions as well as the development of exchange formats for e-product- and e-services.

In Germany the BLI-Team developed the Germanwide most used E-catalogue-Standard BMEcat- in tight cooperation with Fraunhofer IAO and the  BME (www.bme.de- the biggest German Procurement- and Logisticsassociation).  As a member of the scientific advisor group of eclass (www.eclass.de) - one of the most important Product-classification standards - Prof. Dorloff supports the interoperability between this two mature E-Procurement standards.

In Europe Prof. Dorloff and Dr. Jahns were engaged in the conception and development of the upcoming e-procurement-Standard PEPPOL- BII for many years. The good results of this working group got accepted by the European Commission and so an official CEN/TC 440T comittee was build in 2016, which now aims to build and implement an official European Standard for e-procurement. This standard shall replace all comparable existing national standards. 

In CEN/TC 440 Dr. Jahns is leader workgroup "e-catalogues" and Prof. Dorloff - as head of the DIN Expertgroup -  represents the German interests in the name of DIN and BME in other workgroups. .