Chair of Procurement, Logistics and Information Management (BLI)

Chair for Procurement, Logistics and Information Management

The BLI- Department takes part in 3 programs of study:
Business Information Systems, Systems Engineering, Business Administration, teaching students in graduate and undergraduate courses.

Professor Dorloff and  Dr. Jahns work on the interoperability andstandardization of interorganizational B2B e-Commerce concepts and solution focussing on e-procurement, e-logistics and e-government (publoic and private).

This includes the standardization of e-Business data, -processes and -transactions as well as the development of exchange formats for e-product- and e-services.

In Germany the BLI-Team developed the Germanwide most used E-catalogue-Standard BMEcat- in tight cooperation with Fraunhofer IAO and the  BME ( the biggest German Procurement- and Logisticsassociation).  As a member of the scientific advisor group of eclass ( - one of the most important Product-classification standards - Prof. Dorloff supports the interoperability between this two mature E-Procurement standards.

In Europe Prof. Dorloff and Dr. Jahns were engaged in the conception and development of the upcoming e-procurement-Standard PEPPOL- BII for many years. The good results of this working group got accepted by the European Commission and so an official CEN/TC 440T comittee was build in 2016, which now aims to build and implement an official European Standard for e-procurement. This standard shall replace all comparable existing national standards. 

In CEN/TC 440 Dr. Jahns is leader workgroup "e-catalogues" and Prof. Dorloff - as head of the DIN Expertgroup -  represents the German interests in the name of DIN and BME in other workgroups. .