Research Projects

CEN/ISSS EEG1 Project Team c-Catalogue  (2005-today)

  - sponsored by CEN/ISSS -

The c-Catalogue (core components for catalogue) Project Team is being set up to develop a syntax neutral Transaction Model leading to UN/CEFACT syntax (EDIFACT, ebXML, …) solutions for electronic catalogues (e-Catalogue). The development is being based on known business requirement from trade, industry and public administration. The project team maintains a close relationship to EEG1 eOrdering and CEN/ISSS WS gen-ePDC.

Parnters: Berenschot, BMEnet GmbH, cc-hubwoo, EUROFER, FernUniversität Hagen, GS1, Ltd., OFS Portal L.L.C., Requisite Technology, RWE Solutions AG, Valoris, VWR International GmbH